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necessarily adv
1 in an essential manner; "such expenses are necessarily incurred" [syn: needfully] [ant: unnecessarily]
2 in such a manner as could not be otherwise; "it is necessarily so"; "we must needs by objective" [syn: inevitably, of necessity, needs]
3 as a highly likely consequence; "we are necessarily bound for federalism in Europe"

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  1. inevitably; of necessity

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accordingly, and so, as a consequence, as a result, certainly, come what may, compulsorily, consequently, fatefully, finally, from necessity, inconsequence, indefeasibly, ineluctably, inescapably, inevasibly, inevitably, inexorably, inflexibly, irrevocably, it follows that, naturally, naturellement, need, needfully, needs, nolens volens, of course, of necessity, perforce, relentlessly, requisitely, surely, therefore, unavoidably, uncontrollably, unpreventably, unyieldingly, willy-nilly, without choice
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